Work with Monika

One-to-One Mind-Body Coaching Sessions

I felt amazing after our session. Started to look after myself and get on with things. It was incredibly helpful because things shifted after our tapping and swishing. Thank you Monika! Irina, London


  • Manage your stress and anxiety levels effectively
  • Learn to access your body’s relaxation response to help you heal
  • Prepare your body and mind for surgery
  • Learn safe exercises, pre-and post surgery
  • Tips to help your mind and body to recover after a difficult diagnosis so you can return to a fully lived life.


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Sessions can be held in person if you are local to Evanston, IL, or over Skype which are as effective as in person appointments and have the added benefit that you won’t need to block out time for travelling to and from your appointment!

To suit all lifestyles and budgets you can purchase individual sessions or save some money by buying sessions in a block of 5 or 10. If you purchase a block of sessions, they will be booked at your convenience. Contact me for flexible payment plans.

Please contact me  to book sessions and/or to arrange a free phone chat to see how I could best support you. 




 Monika has taken me on a valuable journey with EFT. Monika is an excellent coach who has thoroughly researched her subject. EFT has become an important life skill which also supports my treatment strategy for a long term health problem and daily life in general. I have been able to explore and accept my feelings towards difficult situations with a positive result. Sue H., Essex


Price List:

One 50 Minute Session: $ 75,–

Five 50 Minute Sessions: $ 337,–

Ten 50 Minute Sessions:  $ 637,–



You are what you teach Monika – totally authentic! Judy B., Essex




Disclaimer: The information on this website as well as the coaching relationship is in no way of a medical nature. In the event the reader or client feels the need for professional medical help, it is the responsibility of the reader or client to seek a licensed professional. The reader or client understands that the coach is not a health care provider, adviser or consultant and any communications may not be construed as a recommendation of medical treatment, medication or advice nor is such a claim made.