Here are some examples of what my clients say:


Monika worked with the INSPIRE community of international accompanying partners for two workshops: one on Emotional Freedom Techniques and one on compassionate communication to build better relationships. Given her own experience relocating abroad and her dedication to our program, she was instrumental in supporting the emotional health of the community. Her serenity and kindness make everyone instantly feel at ease. She creates a safe and comforting environment where you know you can share even your most uncomfortable challenges without ever being judged. We are very thankful to Monika’s talent and very professional attitude and would love working with her again. Ginevra & Christelle, INSPIRE Founders


Monika has provided me with a safe environment to explore and process a number of traumatic memories using EFT to remove the emotional intensity I was experiencing. I have felt comfortable sharing things that I have never told anyone else before through Monika’s ability to hold the space for me in a non-judgemental way. While most of our sessions have involved using EFT to tackle a number of past and current issues, she has also had the flexibility to use other effective  techniques when appropriate instilling confidence in me that she can, and will, do whatever is needed to support me in my emotional healing journey in the best possible way. I would definitely recommend Monika. Mary, Lancashire


I felt amazing after our session. Started to look after myself and get on with things. It was incredibly helpful because things shifted after our tapping and swishing. Thank you Monika!Irina, London


Monika has taken me on a valuable journey with EFT. Monika is an excellent coach who has thoroughly researched her subject. EFT has become an important life skill which also supports my treatment strategy for a long term health problem and daily life in general. I have been able to explore and accept my feelings towards difficult situations with a positive result. Sue Hyde, Essex


I love your workshop! I especially like the fact that you went through some of the issues you talk about and you overcame those challenges before coaching people. Also, you put a lot of effort, researchand your heart in what you do, and this really shows! Ginevra Are, Berkeley, CA


I enjoy the certainty that however I may have been feeling, I shall come away taller, stronger, energised and relaxed; both in body and mind. I marvel at the continuous improvement in coordination, flexibility, posture and overall fitness. I have gone way past targets that at one time seemed impossible. Monika’s meticulous attention, and her observation of the individual needs of her clients, combine with her deep understanding of the principles of Pilates. And it works! Dr Simon J., retired GP


Monika’s studio has a great atmosphere. You arrive, she is always on time and full of energy even if you are the last appointment of the day. I feel relaxed immediately even though I know I am there to work out. I know that the following hour is just for me and about me. I have benefited from my classes in a number of ways. Short term, on arrival Monika always asks if there is anything I would like to work on that day or if there is anything that is bothering me, e.g. any stiffness etc. If so, she almost always gets it sorted out. Long term, my posture is much better and more importantly, I now understand the correct position to look for. Monika has also put to right problems I have associated with an arthritic hip. I have complete trust and faith in the exercises she chooses to improve my wellbeing. Tracy, A., Bookbinder


The variety in Monika’s classes has given me a whole new dimension to my bodywork. I also really love the sense of gently progressing without it making me feel totally exhausted. It’s very fulfilling! Having ‘lost’ my body following an illness, Monika has helped me to ‘get my body back’ through slow, sustained and appropriate work. I have actually now had glimpses of my old self and it can only get better! I just love our sessions! Even if I arrive feeling a bit ‘wobbly’ I always leave feeling tired but fulfilled. Thank you Monika! Magdalen H., Pilates Teacher


I enjoy one hour dedicated to my specific requirements and I know I will leave the class feeling better than when I arrived. I have benefited from improved mobility, strength and flexibility which resulted in having the desire to re-investigate other activities & sports which I have not attempted for many years. This is the only class I have ever kept up on a regular basis. I enjoy it, feel the benefits & I do not ‘suffer’ the next day. Nikki S., Project Manager


The classes were intense and not a moment wasted, but they were also enjoyable because Monika gave me positive help in a relaxed atmosphere. I worked hard but was never pushed too far. I was taught to breathe more efficiently and my core muscles strengthened so that my balance actually improved. The studio is well equipped, which was necessary for someone like me with a neurological condition. Monika is always kind, encouraging and positive. Thank you Monika for all your help! Tricia N., retired Priest


The classes are always well structured and are always tailored to my needs. Alongside this Monika always makes the lesson enjoyable and listens to all my ‘moans & groans’. Having struggled with a chronic back problem since August 2007, I found Monika in May 2008 and this has helped me to manage the problem more effectively & rebuild some strength & flexibility. Monika is always willing to listen and adjusts the lesson to suit my individual needs which has helped me enormously to move forward with my problem. Thanks Monika! Sue H., Secretary


Monika’s Pilates Studio is a very relaxing environment – especially beneficial on a Monday morning! I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had and feel a whole lot fitter since I’ve been attending. A true sense of wellbeing. Monika’s attention to detail and care of the body is terrific – all so professional: Thank you. Chris J., retired Nursery Teacher


I enjoy  the benefit of regular exercise and the fact that my wife and I can attend the same sessions but still have personalised exercise programmes for our specific requirements. I now have much more flexibility in my lower back and since attending Pilates classes I have not experienced any further back pain (more than 12 months now). I appreciate the disciplined and attentive way Monika’s lessons are conducted. David C., retired


I enjoy immensely the personalised programme of exercises devised by Monika & the individual attention she provides, ensuring the exercises are performed properly. My back & shoulder muscles, which were once almost immovable & prone to damage are now softer and much more flexible. I have not experienced back pain as frequently as I used to since doing these regular exercises. My overall fitness has greatly improved, long may it continue! Linda C., retired


I really appreciate Monika’s professionalism and the very personal service tailored to my bodies needs for that moment. Very varied programme. My posture is better, I feel stronger. My range of motion has developed so my spine, hips etc. are more flexible. The whole programme has enhanced my life. I cannot recommend Monika highly enough. It helps me with the ageing process immensely. Judy B., Counsellor, Yoga Teacher Trainee


What I enjoy most about Monika’s classes is being challenged and the positive results. I have increased core strength, flexibility, endurance and less back ache. Pilates allows me to do more of the things I like to do without the discomfort that may otherwise follow. Stuart P., Banker


I enjoy the one to one basis of the lessons, so your exercises are for you and Monika makes sure you are doing it right. I have found that the classes have helped my arthritis a lot. I have become more flexible. I have found that slowly over a period of time I can move much easier and [the muscles around] my joints affected by arthritis are becoming stronger. Karen B., Sales Assistant