Personal Peace Package


This package is available only to practitioners or practitioners in training (EFT, IET, NLP or any other emotionally healing practises). It is designed to support duringand after certification to allow practitioners to be fully present with their clients.


Systematically release any uncomfortable, difficult or painful emotions associated with experiences from your past (often called emotional baggage) for better wellbeing and inner peace.


  • 8 Private Sessions (approx. 1 hour each) minimum once a week via Skype or phone
  • Up to 2 x 20 minute SOS calls
  • Email support up to twice weekly
  • Homework


$397 only

(Saving in comparison to purchasing individual sessions: $203)

This is what one of our clients has to say about our program:

As a therapist working with my own clients I feel it’s important that I continue to work through my own issues, including any traumas and limiting beliefs, so that I can really be there for the client, to hold the space for them rather than get caught up in my head thinking about my own stuff. While I can do my own personal peace procedure, I’ve found it useful to work with a therapist as well so that I feel supported and challenged to go to those places I might not go to on my own, to deal with those difficult memories or those limiting beliefs I’ve held for so long. These are the things that can hold me back from being fully present in lifeand therefore in sessions with clients. In essence the Personal Peace Package helped me to be an effective therapist myself. Mary


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